Low-Density Can Liners

Low-density liners work well for waste with sharp or jagged edges.

Making the Right Choice in Can Liner Selection
The first step in determining a size is knowing how high and wide your trash can is. Include a 3-to-4 inch overhang when determining the length for best results.
Hi-density liners typically cost less due to lighter thickness and are an excellent choice for light, non-sharp refuse, resisting puncture and without stretch. Low-density liners are manufactured in a wide variety of thicknesses and are suitable for most applications.
Terms used to define the thickness of a liner are gauge, microns or mils. Lower gauges are commonly used for lighter waste like paper and general use while higher gauges work effectively for extra heavy loads.
Determine the intended application use for your liner, light use such as office receptacles, commercial kitchen use, heavy refuse, yard waste, sharps, etc.