Powdered Latex

We offer Safety Zone latex gloves in 5 mil lightly powdered latex gloves. Latex gloves are a cost efficient glove to protect against bacteria and viruses. Meets FFDCA requirements for food contact.

Latex is made of natural rubber and has the highest comfort, flexibility, fit and tactile sensitivity. Latex gloves are popular due to their elasticity and comfort according to OSHA. In general, latex gloves offer the best protection against bacteria and viruses.

Powdered gloves are usually lubricated with cornstarch, which makes them much easier to put on. Cornstarch coatings have replaced other powdering options such as lycopodium powder and talc because these other coating types have been found to irritate tissue. Nevertheless, even cornstarch can impede healing when coming into contact with tissues, so powder-free gloves are often preferred for surgeries and other sensitive procedures.

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