#11 Series Supersweep Heavy Sweep COMPLETE Push Broom - HB7424/MB2224AC

Magnolia Brush
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***Complete Broom***

Our #1 broom for grain elevators Magnolia Broom#22 Supersweep.  Complete broom includes broom head, connector handle #85HP/MB60-D, and brace set #H87 or #H89.

Sweeps heavy debris: oil dry, dirt/soil, wood scraps and nails
Effectively cleans semi-smooth and rough surfaces
For indoor/outdoor use under wet or dry conditions: job sites, fertilizer plants, grain elevators, patios, driveways and parking lots
Fiber: medium-stiff, solvent-resistant synthetic
Trim Length: 3 1/8"

Use with #85HP/MB60-D handle and #H87 brace set (brooms 24"" wide).  


Comes With:
74 Series Head, HB85HP, & HBH87 or HBH89 for 42" Broom Head