36″ Heavy-Duty Curved Moss-Foam Squeegee - HEAD ONLY – #25636

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36" Curved Foam Squeegee Head


Our 36″ curved squeegee is quite simply the biggest, baddest squeegee available on the market.  It’s fluid directional design makes it more effective than any other squeegee at pushing large amounts of water to a central destination.  Equally effective on variety of floor types.  Double-edged heavy-duty moss-foam remains pliable in extreme temperature variations and with it’s reversible head design, the 36″ curved squeegee frequently triples the service life of anything on the market.  

HB25636C Complete Set - Assemble with heavy-duty #H81 brace, HBH243 connector and #248H 1 1/8″ tapered solid wood handle, this squeegee tackles the toughest jobs with ease.