Neutrazen Citrus Peel Air Freshener 14oz - 12/cs - #Z491325

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Product Overview

Citrus Peel - Concentrated Dry Spray Odor Counteractant Neutralizes Malodors Dry Spray

No fall out
Long lasting control
Leaves a pleasant scent
No CFC's
Use anywhere odor is a problem: bathrooms, locker rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, smoking areas, cars, boats, RV's, motels, restaurants, carpets, upholstery, draperies, fabrics and more.

For Best Use Directions: 
General Use: No shaking necessary. Press firmly on spray button. Keep spray opening at least 12 inches from surfaces.
To Freshen The Air: Aim spray toward ceiling and corners of room or other area to be treated. The atomized mist will quickly travel throughout the area. 

Scent: Citrus Peel
Quantity: 12 cans per case
Size: 14 oz. can


(No reviews yet) Write a Review