TOOLBOX® White Heavy Duty Interfold Wipers - #5020001

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Compare to WYPALL* L40 Wipers

TOOLBOX® Z400 Interfold Wipers are packaged in a portable pop up dispenser box allows you to grab 1 sheet at a time
Compare to WYPALL* L40 wipers
Works like cloth, soft on hands and face
TOOLBOX® Z400 are our most popular DRC Wiper
Interfold wipers are perfect for jobs that require larger towels
Ideal for all medium-duty general purpose wiping applications
Interfold dispenser box can dispense from either the top or bottom
Made with 25% recycled cellulose fibers
Made in the USA
*WYPALL is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

Compared with Sellars #7020701 pop up towels, this product is softer and more absorbent.  If you are looking for a stronger towel with solvent strength, use item #7020701.